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Our Mattox Designs RC car chassis skins are available for 2 different driving surfaces:


  • 18 Mil "Turtle Belly" graphic skins are perfect for rough outdoor RC tracks
  • 12 Mil "indoor" skin options are lighter and thinner and best for indoor clay or carpet  tracks


Both Chassis Skin options meet requirements for Indoor RC tracks with chassis protection rules.


Our chassis skins DO NOT come with screw holes.  Most of the skins we print come with two extra diff tabs. Each order comes with ONE chassis, either a precut to chassis of your choice or a DIY rectangle that you cut to fit yourself. 


How to Apply Chassis Skin:


  1. Thoroughly clean the bottom of the chassis with Rubbing alcohol.  Removing all dirt/oil/left over residue
  2. Remove chassis from backing
  3. Start from top by aligning skin to chassis
  4. Slowly apply working your way down
  5. Make sure you secure the skin to the chassis by applying pressure from the bottom to the top trying to remove any air pockets or bubbles.



All Chassis skins are designed and printed in house by us, Mattox Designs.